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The recent UN report counted a total of 37 facilities in Russia and Belarus and 125 in occupied Ukraine. Many civilians are picked up for alleged transgressions as minor as speaking Ukrainian or simply being a young man in an occupied region, and are often held without charge. Others are charged as terrorists, combatants, or people who “resist the special military operation”. Hundreds are used for slave labour by Russia’s military, for digging trenches and other fortifications, as well as mass graves.
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In practice, the Russians are scooping up civilians along with soldiers, including those denounced by neighbours for whatever reason or seized seemingly at random. Then they focused on teachers and doctors who refused to work with the occupation authorities. But the reasons for apprehending people today are as mundane as tying a ribbon to a bicycle in the Ukrainian colours of blue and yellow. The detention of two men from the Kherson region in August 2022 offers a glimpse at how hard it is for families to track down loved ones in Russian custody.