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AMOT provides the oil and gas, power generation, marine and transportation markets with control and safety solutions for engines, compressors, gearboxes, turbines and all rotating machinery. AMOT manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 certified and many of our products have industry standard certifications. Internal-sensing, 3-Way Thermostatic Control Valves, or temperature regulators, provide reliable, automatic and accurate temperature control of fluids. Venting direct output pressure ensures the pilot or control valve does not receive a signal. Furthermore, the direct output pressure lengthens the stainless tube allowing the thermostat diaphragm assembly to move toward the seat. This accounts for output pressure increases and acts on the diaphragm.
The actuator operates in a double-acting configuration until power or air pressure is lost, and springs engage automatically to return the valve to the normal position. Mixing of a cold process fluid with a hot process fluid to control the temperature of the hot process fluid. One type is a combined dynamic balancing and temperature control solution and the other is a temperature control solution with equal percentage control.
The air signal is then balanced by springs to provide Fail Open (Normally Open or Air-to-Close) or Fail Closed (Normally Closed or Air-to-Open). If position feedback or higher close-off pressures are required, a Pneumatic or Electro-Pneumatic Positioner can be added. When an Electro-Pneumatic Positioner is selected, a separate I/P Transducer is not required as it is integral to the Positioner. Of accuracy and repeatability for accurate temperature control and are equally accurate in mixing or diverting service over a wide flow range. Because of their rotary action ball valves require less torque to operate.
Any pilot or control valve can receive indirect output pressure. Furthermore, the stainless tube grows in length in response to higher temperatures in the system. Then the output pressure decreases, causing the intended pilot or control valve action. Bronze 2pc body with characterized v-port ball for equal percentage flow, female NPT ends, with adjustable triple stem seal, RTFE + EPDM seats for zero leakage.
From thế giới van to hydraulics, engines to pumps, and brakes to wheels, Alibaba.com has got it. You can chat with your supplier to make modifications or even get custom designs, and that’s what Alibal.com does for you. Three-way control valves are designed with three flow ports, AB, A and B port.
This is done by bleeding the control signal from the line serving each of these devices using EP valves. When the fan stops, the current relay on one of the power lines to the fan motor will de-energize and its contact will open. As can be seen from the ladder diagram, this will de-energize EP valves EP-1, 2, 3, and 4, connecting their common port to the NO port, which is vented to atmosphere. This bleeds the signal, and the inlet vanes, chilled water valve, and outdoor air damper all close.
A double-throw outdoor air thermostat enables the economizer in cool weather and disables it in hot weather. A minimum damper position potentiometer is adjusted to maintain the minimum damper position required for ventilation regardless of economizer signal. An optional supply air temperature sensor could be used for master/submaster control.
Its most common use is in indirect heaters, emulsion treaters, rebillers, steam generators, heat exchangers, cooler shutter controls, and salt bath heaters. Digital high resolution proportional control card achieves 450 points of resolution over 90° with the Electra quarter turn actuator. Diaphragm type actuators are spring loaded to fail in the pre-determined open or closed position and available in on/off or modulating control.
Lux Limit Switch positition indicators are designed to operate on quarter turn pneumatic actuators. Visual open or closed indication, with 2-SPDT end of travel limit switches that confirm the valves position. Ductile iron lug body ANSI 125# design, 304 stainless disc, EPDM seat, U cup advanced stem seal, extended neck for insulation, with mounting kit to an outdoor electric damper actuator NEMA 4 enclosure. Ductile iron lug body ANSI 125# design, 304 stainless disc, EPDM seat, U cup advanced stem seal, extended neck for insulation, and direct mounted to an outdoor electric industrial actuator NEMA 4 enclosure.