Electric Control Valves

In this time they have built up a leading reputation for providing quality products and delivering excellent service to their customers. Gemini Valve now offers an industry first double-acting pneumatic actuator with failsafe. This combines the durability of a double-acting actuator with the failsafe normally only offered by spring-return models. The actuator operates in a double-acting configuration until power or air pressure is lost, and springs engage automatically to return the valve to the normal position. Double-acting uses air to move internal pistons in two directions, which rotates the actuator pinion 90°. The pinion is connected to the ball valve stem and opens or closes the ball valve as it rotates.
The modes of failure operation are requirements of the failure to safety process control specification of the plant. In the case of cooling water it may be to fail open, and the case of delivering a chemical it may be to fail closed. The HB Series Control Valve with Electric Actuator is a robust, user-friendly alternative to the standard pneumatic actuator on the HB Series Control Valve. With fast and precise movement, this actuator is designed to handle a broad range of applications including instantaneous and semi-instantaneous water heaters.
Cla-Val Series 131 and 631 Electronic Control Valves are designed specifically for applications where remote control of valve function is preferred. The solenoid pilot controls are actuated by electrical signals from the VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller. The solenoid pilots either add or relieve line pressure from the cover chamber of the valve, causing it to open or close as directed by the electronic controller. Using the external SPDT switch, the power is then applied to “terminal 3”, causing the actuator shaft to rotate 90° at which time another internal cam switch shuts off the motor. Gemini’s electric actuator also features a fold out manual override handle to enable the valve to be operated in the event of loss of power.
SD means spring down, which will move the actuator to lowest end position, SU means spring up which will move the actuator to highest end position. Modulating, or AME actuators, are appropriate for precise regulation of the flow as they also have feedback signal and can position themselves very precisely in accordance to the signal from the controller. Furthermore, AME actuators provide more features on DIP switches and provide much more flexibility and control variations for the customer. Engineered to withstand high pressure drops while providing leak free operation, the V-Control Series delivers the precision control required by today’s process industries.
These actuators don’t require a motor, but electricity is necessary when paired with an integral solenoid valve which is commonly referred to as a pilot valve. van điều khiển điện of the factors discussed above impact the cost of a valve actuator. In general, the greater the torque required, the more power necessary for operation, the larger and more expensive the actuator. Writing clear and unambiguous technical specifications, being diligent about quality control, and ensuring adequate supplier qualifications are essential steps in procuring the right actuator for your application.